We are a slow fashion brand, that supports fair trade and ethical standards, while producing in the USA.

We create versatile pieces for women that make them feel sexy and confident without compromising their comfort. We are transparent in all we do and are learning, as we teach, to be as sustainable as we can to help the planet and leave it better than we found it.

We stand by our company motto “Quality over Quantity”.

We produce very little waste with our fabrics and we try to use all of our scraps to make matching accessories whenever we can. We are keeping jobs in the USA while trying to provide the best pricing with the best quality women & baby products.



Everything is designed by Owner, Amber Watts, in her design studio in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Amber oversees the whole process from sketch to final product in a customer’s hands, and even after.

First, she sketches the designs with fabric and trims that are best suited for each style. Next, she drapes and sews the first sample. It’s fitted and taken to a grader in NYC to grade all the sizes. Finally, when the style is ready, the production of small batches is made either in NYC, or by Amber herself in PA.

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